Client facing personnel are a big expense for your organization.   Bridge the gap between overhead and revenue generation by investing in agency specific, person specific performance management.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
"Leslie’s deep experience and consummate professionalism provided us with the perfect blend of insights and practical content with which to design and deliver an authentic account manager learning experience."
            - Chris Smith, Principal, ChangeSmith

Bridging the gap between sales producer and client management is the marriage of many skills:  attitude, customer service, empathy, drive, cross selling.  Those skills are demonstrated through client satisfaction with complicated insurance solutions. 

Much like an actor or a singer has a performance coach, client facing personnel often need private coaching to perfect their skills.  Working one-on-one or with small groups of client facing personnel, we help those "performers" refine their delivery.  Perhaps it is the need for translating technical solutions into business speak; perhaps it is evaluating the opportunity to assist.  Sales and agency management set the goals; LMCIS helps achieve those goals through:

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Performance coaching for high profile, client facing individuals.