Product Innovation and Development Solutions

Alternative products including benefit and non-insurance payroll deducted programs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I count on LMCIS to keep me ahead of the employee benefit trends.  Whether it is ACA compliance, captives, or new technology, Leslie, and her team are always first to market on the latest product offerings."

- Dominc Franchini, Vice President and Sales Executive, HORAN

Benefit captives or stop loss captives?

Reference based pricing in lieu of PPO discounts?

Complying with the ACA through MEC suites of products?

​Executive reimbursement program to bridge the deductible gap?

Need a financial solution for cash advances?

Advances to cover deductible costs?  With a renegotiated procedure cost?

MEWA's that work?

Association plans--great options for distribution

Whether you are looking for agency-wide programs or a set of benefits for a specific client, Leslie Miller Custom Insurance Solutions can build the right product mix at the right time--for the right price.  We take the time to understand your strategy and help lead the discovery process to allow that strategy to unfold.

The landscape for payroll deducted programs has grown dramatically in an effort to contain the always increasing cost of offering group benefits.  LMCIS cuts through the noise and helps you select the best benefits from the best vendors:

​Our success is your success